Model-based object and camera
tracking plugin for Foundry Nuke

KeenTools bundle contains GeoTracker (15 day trial), FaceBuilder Beta, PinTool and ReadRiggedGeo Beta. KeenTools is available for all OSs and all Nuke versions (since 8.0). Inside the bundle you’ll find are files for manual installation as well as an automatic installer. Please read the installation FAQ for more details.

Nuke 8

Nuke 9

Nuke 10.0

Nuke 10.5

Nuke 11.0


Current version is 1.1.3

Older versions are available in the archive

License server for floating licenses: (Windows, Linux, Mac)



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Why GeoTracker

Accurate object tracking right in Nuke

geotracker node setup
object tracking
tracking results

GeoTracker is designed to fill the gap in Nuke's functionality and provide fast and reliable object tracker right in the compositing software. Currently it works with rigid objects only, but later it'll support deformable meshes tracking as well.
GeoTracker is developed using low level Nuke's C++ API. That's why it pretty seamlessly integrates into your familiar workflow. GeoTracker supports all OS and all versions of Foundry Nuke since 8.0.

Scene-based camera tracking

scene tracking
scene-based camera tracking
camera tracking results

With GeoTracker you can track camera in tricky shots with zoom and high motion blur. The biggest advantage of scene-based camera tracking is ability to use keyframes, which help you localize and tackle complex part of a sequence. Resulting camera is already aligned to a scene geometry
Zooming lenses could add a significant complexity for simple camera tracking. Fortunately for scene-based tracking you can track it much easier and more precise. Together with keyframes it lets you tackle any tricky shot, of course with known scene geometry.

Fast model positioning via dragging points

using pintool

While tracking most of man-hours goes to setting up keyframes. And this is what GeoTracker does with ease. Fast and intuitive PinTool lets you manipulate a 3D-model's position by dragging control points on model's surface (pins) to their positions in the frame

Surface Masks

2d mask
surface mask drawing

GeoTracker allows you to use 2D mask to eliminate occlusion and 3D surface masks to exclude reflective and transparent parts of a tracked object.

Camera Focal Length Estimation

estimate focal length
focal length estimation

Camera focal length heavily affects tracking and that's why it should be known. But sometimes you have to deal with footage which is shot with unknown lens. Don't worry — GeoTracker helps you to figure it out.

User tracks

user tracks
importing tracks

To obtain more stable and robust object tracking you can import you ordinary 2D tracks from Nuke's tracker node into GeoTracker. It will consider them as "gold" tracks and give them additional weight in solver. Usually you'll not need them but for really complex shots with poor features they can help a lot.

Advanced model drawing

render setup knobs
lit wireframe

There are a lot of render settings simplifying work with GeoTracker. There is a Motion Blur mode for fast moving objects, automatically adjusted wireframe opacity helping to stay focused on tracking GeoTracker on different zoom levels and lit wireframe to underline model details even in wireframe mode. Colour setup knobs are also available for almost everything from wireframe to surface mask colour.


Demo videos and tutorials for beta versions are currently available.
Also you may take a look on the quick user guide.


GeoTracker FAQ

Do I need a model to perform tracking?

Yes, you need a model of an object or a scene to perform tracking.

Does GeoTracker support deformable objects tracking?

No. We are going to implement deformable objects tracking later.

Should the model fit the scene perfectly?

No, it shouldn’t. But the better model you have the better results you obtain from every key frame.

How detailed should the model be?

The model should fit the scene. Minor details aren’t very important and could have negative impact on tracking performance

What if my model has semi-transparent or reflective parts?

You may use 3D surface mask to exclude semi-transparent or reflective parts from tracking process.

What if the object I’m tracking is partially overlapped?

If the overlapped area is relatively small GeoTracker will handle it. Otherwise you may use a 2D mask to exclude overlapping from tracking process.

What’s the output of GeoTracker node?

GeoTracker’s output is the transformed input geometry.

Do I need GeoTracker installed on every machine in my pipeline?

No. As soon as you’ve done tracking you may export the results as a usual Nuke node (TransformGeo or Camera node) to pass them to other machines.

How to export tracking results?

You can export the results as a TransformGeo or a Camera node on the results tab.

How to export tracking results to other software?

You can export the results from the exported TransformGeo or Camera node as a .chan file.

Do you have any tutorials?

There are a few videos demonstrating the basic tracking process and some major features. More detailed tutorials will be available later.

Installation FAQ

What is the simplest way to install KeenTools?

The simplest way to install KeenTools is to run the installer.

What exactly does the installer do?

The installer copies KeenTools files to Nuke plugins directory:
• OSX: /Library/Application Support/NUKE/x.x/plugins/
• Linux: /usr/local/NUKE/x.x/plugins/
• Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\NUKE\x.x\plugins\
where x.x is Nuke version (10.5 for example).

I’ve installed KeenTools but I can’t see it in Nuke. What should I do?

You should check you’ve installed the correct KeenTools bundle (i. e. OS and Nuke versions match yours). If versions match and you can’t see KeenTools in Nuke try to perform manual installation.

How to uninstall KeenTools?

Remove KeenTools folder from Nuke plugins directory to uninstall KeenTools.

Is it possible to use KeenTools with NUKE Non-commercial?

No, Non-commercial version doesn’t support third-party plug-ins.

What is ‘manual’ directory for?

‘manual’ directory is only for performing manual installation. It isn’t required if you’re using the installer (i. e. you can only share the installer if it suits your needs).

How can I perform manual installation

• copy KeenTools folder from ‘manual’ directory to any place you want
• add the path to KeenTools folder to Nuke path by adding nuke.pluginAddPath('PATH_TO_KEENTOOLS') to file.

How can I perform manual installation working for multiple Nuke versions and operating systems?

• copy KeenTools folders from ‘manual’ directories for every Nuke version and operating system you want to any place you want;
• add the path to all that folders to Nuke path.
For example if you want to work with different versions of Nuke on Windows you may:
• unpack to C:/KeenTools (could be any directory);
• write the next lines to %HOMEPATH%/.nuke/
KeenTools will automatically choose which installation should be loaded.

What will happen if I install KeenTools for different Nuke version or OS?

KeenTools won’t be loaded and an error message will be written to Nuke console.

Can I edit files and their location in KeenTools installation?

Making changes in KeenTools installation may break it’s operability.

How can I customize KeenTools menu?

You can find file in KeenTools directory and edit it as you see fit.

Licenses FAQ

What is your licensing model?

The only non-free node in KeenTools is GeoTracker. You can use personal, commercial or floating license for it. Each license is valid for one year from the date of its installation.

What is the difference between commercial (floating) and personal licenses?

Personal license can only be purchased by an individual and used by a single person.

Can I use my personal license for commercial work?

Yes, you can use your personal license for commercial work.

Is a personal license limited in features compared to a commercial or floating license?

No, personal license allows you to use the full set of GeoTracker features.

Can a company purchase a personal license?

No, a personal license can only be purchased by an individual.

Can a company reimburse my personal license purchase?

No, and our EULAs explicitly prohibit the reimbursement of personal licenses by companies.

Can I use my personal license at work and at home?

Yes, you are free to use your personal license for any purpose.

Can I use my personal license on multiple machines?

No, you can’t use the same license simultaneously on multiple machines. But you may transfer the license from one machine to another on several occasions.

Can multiple employees use the same commercial license?

Concurrent usage is not allowed by commercial licenses. This mean that two users cannot use one license at the same time.

However, it is possible for two users to share a license if they do not work simultaneously. In case two or more users work simultaneously each active user must have their own license.

We have 10 compositors. How many commercial licenses do we need?

Each active user must have their own license. In other words, if all 10 compositors need to run our software at the same time, you need 10 commercial licenses. See the question above for additional clarification.

How to get educational purpose classroom licenses for students?

Contact us to get licenses for educational purposes or a discount.

What payment methods do you accept?

You may pay using PayPal or a card.

How do you deliver licenses?

We deliver licenses by email.

I’ve completed my purchase and received the confirmation. When will I get my license?

Your license will be delivered in a few minutes.

I did not receive a license purchased online. Where is my license?

If you didn’t receive the purchased license in a few hours after the purchase, write us an email.

What is license key and how does it differ from license file?

License key allows to install license on a node. License file describes a license locked to a node.

Do you have monthly subscription options?

No. At the moment we only have one year licenses.

How do I use floating license?

To use floating license you should install license server, install floating license on it and connect to the server from the GeoTracker.
License server download contains step by step guide on how to use floating licenses.

Is the Internet connection required on a machine from which GeoTracker will be used?

No, you can generate a license file on a machine connected to the Internet and install the license file on the target machine. Use a hardware ID from the target machine to generate the license file.

How many licenses should I have if I use multiple KeenTools installations for different Nuke versions on a single machine?

You only need one license to use GeoTracker from any KeenTools installation on a single machine.

Feedback FAQ

How can I contact you if I have a question or a problem?

Feel free to contact us at

I have a feature request or found a bug, how can I submit it?

We’d appreciate it if you submit it to our issue tracker.
You may have to log in using your google account or sign up to create an issue.
Please specify KeenTools and Nuke versions and your OS in the description (KeenTools version can be found under ‘?’ sign in GeoTracker’s properties).