KeenTools 1.5.4 (14 August 2019)

— The package: all our plugins are bundled into a single package. Inside the bundle you’ll find an installer and files for manual installation.
— 15 days trial: GeoTracker and FaceBuilder will work with no restrictions for two weeks without a license, so you have plenty of time to try them before purchasing a license. All other nodes are completely free, including beta ones: FaceTracker and TextureBuilder.

Nightly builds, old versions & version history

The latest nightly builds can be found on nightly builds page.
Old versions can be found in downloads archive.
Complete version history and release notes can be found here.

License Server

License Server is needed for installing floating licenses only. Version of the license server have to be equal or greater than the version of the bundle. It’s available for all platforms:

Windows, Linux, Mac

Manuals and FAQs for License Server can be found on its dedicated page.
What is the simplest way to install KeenTools?

The simplest way to install KeenTools is to run the installer.

What exactly does the installer do?

The installer copies KeenTools files to Nuke plugins directory:
• OSX: /Library/Application Support/NUKE/x.x/plugins/
• Linux: /usr/local/NUKE/x.x/plugins/
• Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\NUKE\x.x\plugins\
where x.x is Nuke version (10.5 for example).

I’ve installed KeenTools but I can’t see it in Nuke. What should I do?

You should check you’ve installed the correct KeenTools bundle (i. e. OS and Nuke versions match yours). If versions match and you can’t see KeenTools in Nuke try to perform manual installation.

How to uninstall KeenTools?

Remove KeenTools folder from Nuke plugins directory to uninstall KeenTools.
If you installed KeenTools using our installer, then the files would be placed in these folders:
• OSX: /Library/Application Support/NUKE/x.x/plugins/
• Linux: /usr/local/NUKE/x.x/plugins/
• Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\NUKE\x.x\plugins\

Is it possible to use KeenTools with NUKE Non-commercial?

No, Non-commercial version doesn’t support third-party plug-ins.

What is ‘manual’ directory for?

‘manual’ directory is only for performing manual installation. It isn’t required if you’re using the installer (i. e. you can only share the installer if it suits your needs).

How can I perform manual installation

• copy KeenTools folder from ‘manual’ directory to any place you want
• add the path to KeenTools folder to Nuke path by adding nuke.pluginAddPath('PATH_TO_KEENTOOLS') to file.

How can I perform manual installation working for multiple Nuke versions and operating systems?

• copy KeenTools folders from ‘manual’ directories for every Nuke version and operating system you want to any place you want;
• add the path to all that folders to Nuke path.
For example if you want to work with different versions of Nuke on Windows you may:
• unpack to C:/KeenTools (could be any directory);
• write the next lines to %HOMEPATH%/.nuke/
KeenTools will automatically choose which installation should be loaded.

What will happen if I install KeenTools for different Nuke version or OS?

KeenTools won’t be loaded and an error message will be written to Nuke console.

Can I edit files and their location in KeenTools installation?

Making changes in KeenTools installation may break it’s operability.

How can I customize KeenTools menu?

You can find file in KeenTools directory and edit it as you see fit.