FaceTracker is a Nuke node for facial gestures tracking. It is designed to work with models built with FaceBuilder. FaceTracker is similar to GeoTracker but in addition to model's position it also tracks facial gestures. It’s very useful for making clean up, face replacement, digital make up, etc. And all that can be done without facial motion capture rigs or unstable neural-network based solutions!

Variety of facial gestures

geotracker node setup
object tracking

FaceTracker supports a lot of different facial gestures. Please contact us if you can mimic an emotion that cannot be replicated with FaceTracker.

GeoTracker under the hood

FaceTracker is built on top of GeoTracker and includes all its strengths such as simple and powerful model positioning tool, 2D and surface masks, exporting options, focal length estimation, etc.

FaceTracker FAQ

What model should I use as an input for FaceTracker?

Currently it should be a model built by FaceBuilder node. The input can be connected directly to a FaceBuilder node, or to a ReadGeo node, if you have the FaceBuilder model built and saved to a file.

Can I use a custom head model?

You can export the default model of FaceBuilder, and then modify the shape keeping vertices count and order. Then you can import it back, and connect to FaceTracker. It uses vertices to understand what is what in the model (e.g. nose, lips, eyes, etc). So, you can manually move vertices if FaceBuilder's result doesn't suit you, remove or add faces, change normals and UVs, wrap a scanned model with our default model, etc.

Can I use FaceTracker without FaceBuilder?

Yes, the workaround is described in the Custom Model question. You don't need a license for FaceBuilder to export a default model.

How to export animated animation to a file?

You can use Nuke's built-in WriteGeo node with ABC format. After pressing "Execute" button specify the frames you want to export.